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Repair structural crack by Epoxy Injection Method

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Epoxy Injection is the way how to repair structural crack on concrete structure. It is following ACI standard. We believe below method can help you get the idea how to repair crack by epoxy injection step by step.


Inspect and measure the width of the crack. Clean and remove all debris, dust, cement paste, loose particles, existing sealants and other contaminants along the crack line. Use Compressed air equipment to remove all dust deep inside the crack line. Crack

must be dead crack and not subject to high temperature environment. If crack was subjected to movement other sealing product must be consider ie polyurethane gel injection system please consult us for more information.


Install injection plastic port with epoxy adhesive along the line of crack approximate 150-300mm spacing depend on width of crack. Ensure the injection port firmly installed and no objected material inside.

Apply epoxy adhesive on the surface of crack line .Wait until epoxy adhesive dry and cure (approximate 2 hours at 30º-35ºC substrate)

Mix the part A and part B by hand for 2 minute until homogeneous. Pour the epoxy resin to the bucket ready for inject. Start pump epoxy resin thru the injection port from bottom to top. Wait until the resin free flow to next port. Move to the next port and start pump again with the same procedure until all injection port was injected. Redo from the beginning port again to make sure epoxy resin fulfill all the crack line inside concrete structure. Remove all the injection ports and grind epoxy paste to receive smooth surface. Clean injection pump by thinner or solvent immediately after finished.

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